Iranian Institute for Training and Research

  • Sep 07, 2022

When you hear Iran what do you imagine? To most people, Iran is one of the world’s oil giants. Oil reserves are estimated at 7.5 billion tons. However, only a few people know that Iran is the center of one of the most ancient civilizations in the world - Elam. Everyone would wonder why this land has been like a magnet for people for millennia. The main reason lies precisely in the country’s natural wealth and large deposits of minerals. In addition to its significant oil reserves, Iran also boasts large reserves of natural gas (6,000 billion cubic meters), coal, and various types of ores. But what is the function of the Iranian Institute for Training and Research and how does it fit into this picture?

Iron Ore


The Iranian Institute for Training and Research was established in 1989 under the Ministry of Mines and Metals as the government realized that for a country with such wealth, the development of the primary sector of the economy is extremely important. It is necessary to constantly improve the methods of extraction and processing of minerals, as well as to train personnel to meet the needs of the market. The Iranian Institute for Training and Research is the only institution in Iran that is active in the field of mining and applied education in this field.


The research institute brings together the best specialists in Iran in the fields of geology and mining, and gemmology. The institution also has proven chemists, mechanics, engineers, managers, and linguists to cover all the needs of the sector and prepare future employees in the best possible way to work for the benefit of the economy. Let’s see what courses the institute offers.

Geology and Mining

The Geology and Mining course focuses on coal, its formation process, classification features, properties, and uses. Through this course, you will also learn what mineral deposits there are in the territory of Iran, as well as where they are located. During the course, you will

  1. practise creating mining exploration plans,
  2. and learn about legal restrictions in the sector and what documentation is required to start mining.


If precious stones attract you, you can get a lot of useful information with the gemmology course. Gemstones are naturally occurring crystals which have apparent transparency. According to the International Mineralogical Association, 4,800 types of minerals are known in the world, with only 150 of which forming crystals of sufficient size to be polished. During the course, you will

  1. learn about the different types of gemstones and where they are found,
  2. how to classify and assess their value,
  3. and what processing they go through before they reach the market.


Through this course, you will gain a basic knowledge of the mining industry. If you want to specialize in a specific field closely related to the extraction of minerals, you can choose from five options.


  1. What is earthing and how is it done?
  2. How to optimize energy consumption?
  3. What tools are used and which of them are the most precise
  4. Fundamentals of Robotics


  1. How are mechanical failures diagnosed?
  2. Familiarizing with new tools
  3. Advanced hydraulics
  4. Structure and principles of operation of marine diesel engines and auxiliary machinery


  1. Nature and application of hydraulic fluids
  2. Biological treatment of industrial wastewater
  3. Formation of minerals
  4. Bioinformatics


  1. Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy
  2. Heat treatment of steel shafts
  3. Secondary metallurgical degassing process
  4. Advanced casting processes

Occupational safety

  1. The safety principles of low voltage electricity
  2. Fire extinguishing equipment and operations
  3. Physical factors and measurement methods of the work environment
  4. Specifics of land mine work and potential hazards

Computer Skills

Technological advances in recent decades have made computers an indispensable part of every sector of the economy. The extraction and processing of minerals are no exception, and that’s why the Iranian Institute for Training and Research offers a computer course to facilitate the work of employees in the field. The good news is that if you wish, you also have the option of narrow specialization. Here is the list of skills you will develop.

  1. Software engineering
  2. Microsoft Office Software
  3. International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
  4. Oracle, cloud applications and cloud platform
  5. DMAX 5
  6. .NET Framework
  7. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  8. Multimedia environments
  9. Network and Internet
  10. Computer viruses
  11. Windows XP
  12. Special IT for managers
  13. Information security management system
  14. AutoCAD 2000


Good management is extremely important for any work organization. In the labour market, leaders who understand the responsibility of the job, the essence of the tasks they set, and the needs of the workers and the company are highly valued. The Iranian Institute for Training and Research will teach its trainees much more than that. Future managers will be subjected to many training simulations through which they will learn

  1. how to react in crisis situations,
  2. how to evaluate the work of employees and stimulate them to achieve better results,
  3. how to increase productivity,
  4. how to conquer new markets.


Almost every profession requires the knowledge of at least one foreign language. The institute provides an opportunity for its students to choose between lessons in English, French or German. At the end of the course, students must take an exam to certify their level of language proficiency.

Current Projects

The Iranian Institute for Training and Research is currently negotiating with some of the world’s most renowned universities to send guest lecturers and specialists to introduce the latest technological innovations to Iran. It is planned that a student exchange program will be implemented in the future. The institute cooperates with some of the largest state and private companies but continues to look for new opportunities to expand the partner circle. The goal is, in addition to having an overview of the needs of the business, to assist its students in finding a job after completing their studies.

If mining and mineral processing appeal to you, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the institute’s offerings. You will be trained by proven professionals and have the chance to upgrade your skills and become more competitive in the market.